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Big picture problems with bargain HVAC repairs

Published: September, 07 2018

It may seem counterintuitive to pay more for commercial HVAC services where budget-friendlier options exist. Yet, lower prices often come hand in hand with lower-quality work, and this will end up costing you more money, frustration and unwanted downtime in the long run. Consider the following reasons why you should be wary of cutting corners with bargain HVAC repairs.

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How to Manage Energy in Commercial Buildings After Hours

Published: June, 11 2018

Commercial buildings are historically among the greatest users of energy throughout the world. According to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, approximately 12% of the world’s energy supply is consumed by commercial buildings. While large, these numbers aren’t surprising. Commercial buildings contain energy-consuming HVAC systems, office equipment, and lighting that typically run at full power, whether or not people are inside. These electrical items account for two-thirds of all energy consumed in the building.

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Seasonal Preventive Maintenance for Commercial HVAC in Minneapolis & St. Paul Areas

Published: May, 08 2018

When we invest in a valuable asset, it’s only reasonable to consider how we’re going to take care of it to ensure that it operates for as long as possible. We do this with cars, homes, and even with our phones and tablets.

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Your Guide to Energy Incentives and Energy Rebates in the Twin Cities Area

Published: April, 17 2018

Both the state of Minnesota and the local municipal governments in Minneapolis and St. Paul areas have put a lot of effort and investment into programs to encourage energy savings and efficiency throughout the Twin Cities area. Since commercial buildings are historically among the greatest users of energy throughout the entire country, it makes sense that a lot of the programs that have been developed are aimed at helping commercial building owners pursue energy-saving goals and investments in a more sustainable future.

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How Twin Cities Area Facility Managers Manage HVAC Repair Costs in 2018

Published: March, 12 2018

As a commercial facility manager, one of your main responsibilities is to see that all the mechanical systems in your building are well cared for and functioning properly so tenants and employees stay safe, happy, and productive. While you may not be directly responsible for creating or approving budgets, it’s safe to say the building owner is at least reasonably concerned about keeping costs under control. So you need to be concerned about budgeting too.

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Is Your Twin Cities Commercial Building Burning Money on These Quick Fixes?

Published: February, 13 2018

Running a commercial building is like any other aspect of business: to be considered successful, it needs to be taking in more money than it’s costing you, or it could be recipe for disaster. Surprisingly, many building owners and facility managers don’t realize just how much money they’re actually wasting by allowing some fairly simple commercial heating and air issues to go unresolved. The following list of issues should be near the top of your list to be aware of if you’re looking for ways to economize:

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4 Things to Think About When Choosing a New Commercial HVAC Service Provider

Published: February, 08 2018

For commercial building owners and facility managers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, choosing who’s going to be working on your HVAC system is an important decision that can’t be taken lightly. It’s important to seek out a long-term partner that has your building’s best interests in mind and that has the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to provide top-of-the-line service.

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Unavoidable Signs a Commercial Building is Ready for a Retrofit HVAC Solution

Published: December, 29 2017

Commercial HVAC systems often become more costly as they age. At some point, the long-term cost of operating an aging heating and cooling system begins to outweigh the capital expense of purchasing new system. However, a complete HVAC replacement may not be the answer in every scenario.

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